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Shalom Radio - Te Bendice Radio en vivo

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Shalom Radio - Te Bendice is a Christian radio station based in Santa Rosa, El Salvador. This station is dedicated to spreading the word of God through daily programs, live broadcasts, and music that inspire and encourage listeners. The channel reaches out to the entire country of El Salvador, and the surrounding regions. Shalom Radio - Te Bendice offers a variety of programming, including sermons, Bible studies, youth programs, and worship music. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offers insightful and informative programming for listeners of all ages. With a strong focus on promoting Christian values and ways of living, Shalom Radio - Te Bendice is a source of inspiration and support for its listeners. Visit their website at http://www.tabernaculoshalom.net to learn more about their programming, schedules, and upcoming events.
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Escuchar Shalom Radio - Te Bendice en la app radio.net

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